Use Cases

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Social Media for Marketing

Empower social media marketing, lead the social media globalization strategy!

  • ✔ Multi-region Display: enterprises can flexible display of brand image, reach the global audience, and insight into market dynamics around the world.
  • ✔ Security Protection: improve network security, hide the real IP, effectively guard against malicious attacks, and protect the brand reputation from threats.
  • ✔ Bypass Regional Restrictions: Overcome regional restrictions on social media platforms to ensure that marketing information is delivered unimpeded to the target audience.
  • ✔ Real-time Monitoring of Competitors: observe competitors anonymously, obtain real-time market intelligence, and provide key information for enterprise strategy adjustment.
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Cross-border E-commerce

Lead the new trend of e-commerce, the comprehensive upgrade of e-commerce strategy!

  • ✔ Geographical Restrictions: Cross-border e-commerce enterprises can break the geographical restrictions, directly touch the global market, and realize the multi-region display and sales of goods.
  • ✔ Price Comparison and Optimization: real-time comparison of different markets, optimize product pricing, improve the competitiveness in the international market.
  • ✔ Secure Payment and Data Protection: improve the payment security on the e-commerce platform, hide user data, and effectively protect user privacy.
  • ✔ Real-time Market Insight: observe international competitors anonymously, obtain real-time market information, and provide key support for cross-border e-commerce to develop flexible strategies.
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Advertising Verification

Escort advertising battlefield, advertising is more accurate and powerful!

  • ✔ Against Fraud: contribute to identify and prevent fraud, and ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of advertising.
  • ✔ Improve Advertising Effect: to achieve regional differentiation verification, advertising can more accurately match the target audience, improve the click-through rate and conversion rate of advertising.
  • ✔ Ensure Account Security: take turns to verify advertisements, reduce the risk of account ban caused by high-frequency operation, and ensure stable advertising.
  • ✔ Real-time Monitoring of Advertising Competitive Products: monitor competitors' advertising strategies in an anonymous way, obtain real-time market information, and provide strong support for advertising optimization and adjustment.
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Brand Protection

Protect brand anonymous barriers, empower enterprises safe and carefree operation!

  • ✔ Anonymous Protection: ensure the anonymity of corporate brands on the Internet and reduce the risk of brands being tracked and malicious attacks.
  • ✔ Prevent Malicious Behavior: hide real information, effectively prevent hacker attacks, false propaganda and other malicious behavior, and maintain the integrity of brand reputation.
  • ✔ Regional Supervision: bypass regional supervision, protect the consistency of brands in local markets, and regulate the potential risks caused by regional differences.
  • ✔ Protect Sensitive Information: hide sensitive information of enterprises, such as server location, effectively prevent information leakage and maintain brand privacy.
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Create excellent tourism intelligence services, to realize borderless global intelligent travel!

  • ✔ Global Tourism Experience: tourism agencies can provide virtual tourism experience on a global scale to satisfy users' curiosity about different regions.
  • ✔ Information Security Escort: strengthen tourism information security, hide real IP, effectively prevent network attacks, and protect the privacy of users' personal data.
  • ✔ Prevent Booking Risk: take turns to inquire and compare prices, reduce the risk of blockade and price increase in travel booking, and improve the success rate of booking.
  • ✔ Real-time Monitoring of Tourism Dynamics: anonymous use of proxy, real-time monitoring of global tourism dynamics, to provide practical information for tourism agencies, insight into the market trends in advance.
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Market Research

Deep insight into the global market, to develop a precise market strategy!

  • ✔ Global Vision: market research can cross geographical restrictions to achieve global data collection and in-depth understanding of the needs and trends of different markets.
  • ✔ Anonymous Study: by hiding real IP, anonymous study to ensure the reliable results and avoid the impact of external interference on the data.
  • ✔ Survey of Competing Products: bypassing regional restrictions, being able to investigate the market activities of competitors without obstacles, and have a more comprehensive understanding of the industry dynamics.
  • ✔ Real-time Intelligence: through anonymous proxy, real-time monitoring of market competitors, to obtain real-time market intelligence, to provide support for enterprises to develop flexible strategies.
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Website Testing

Improve website performance and security, to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the website!

  • ✔ Multi-dimensional Test: multi-region simulation access, provide global multi-dimensional user experience data for website test, comprehensively evaluate performance.
  • ✔ Network Load Balancing: use proxy to test, achieve network load balancing, and ensure that the website can operate stably and efficiently in different regions and network environment.
  • ✔ Defensive Testing: by simulating different IP sources, conduct defensive testing, detect and fix potential security vulnerabilities, and improve the security of the website.
  • ✔ Anonymous User Experience: anonymous access to the website, simulate the real user experience, find the possible performance bottlenecks, optimize the user interface and loading speed.
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SEO Monitoring

Expand the global vision of SEO, and create a stable and efficient SEO optimization strategy!

  • ✔ Comprehensive Monitoring of Search Rankings: simulate search in different regions, comprehensive monitoring of keyword rankings, find out the feedback of search engines in different regions.
  • ✔ Prevent IP Blockade: reduce the risk of IP being blocked by the search engine, and ensure stable SEO monitoring and data collection.
  • ✔ Multi-dimensional Data Collection: collect multi-dimensional data to provide more comprehensive information support for SEO optimization.
  • ✔ Tracking Competitors: monitor competitors' SEO strategies in an anonymous way, obtain industry dynamics in real time, and provide reference for optimizing strategy adjustment.